Nineveh SEED
We carefully identify, scope and execute sustainable projects that help people regain their livelihoods. Through Nineveh SEED we create jobs, provide community benefit and ultimately, encourage displaced people to return. 'SEED' stands for Sustainable Enterprise, Economic Development.
17 projects
Completed by February 2022
23 projects
are in development for delivery by 2024
130 families
have benefitted up to February 2022
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Recent conference
Minority Women After ISIS (report)

Mosaic Middle East, with the Kurdistan Regional Government and UN Women, held an amazing conference in Erbil recently.

'Minority Women after ISIS' brought together women from five minority communities including Christian, Yezidi and Shabak. Under our mission to bring hope, help and healing in the Middle East, we are committed to the women of Iraq and the Kurdistan region. Click the button to read more in the full conference report.

About the programme
What is Nineveh SEED?

The Nineveh Plain, known as the bread-basket of Iraq was devastated by ISIS in 2014. After their defeat, some people have tried to return but struggled to restore the livelihoods they once had. One man said to us, “How can we return when there are no jobs?”.

'SEED' stands for Sustainable Enterprise, Economic Development. Together with Iraqi NGO partners, we develop projects to help restore the local economies of the region. We create jobs, provide community benefit and ultimately, encourage displaced people to return.

"I fully intended to leave… my whole work was over. But when Mosaic Middle East came, they gave me hope" - Raed, father, chicken farmer and Nineveh SEED beneficiary.

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How to Pray
  • Pray for us to identify the families who will benefit most from the projects. Pray that we will maintain excellent relations with our partners on the ground; including Iraqi NGOs and community leaders.
  • Pray for security in the region to improve so that more people feel safe to return home. Pray for the protection of our Iraq Programme Manager, Abdulrahman as he works in the region to monitor and report on all the Nineveh SEED projects.
  • Pray for substantial funding from individuals, churches, Trusts and Government agencies to enable the rapid expansion of the Nineveh SEED programme.
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