Teleskof Greenhouses
Six families of Chaldean Christians living in the Teleskof area now run two productive greenhouses, thanks to the generous donations of our supporters.
Teleskof Greenhouses
Six Families
livelihoods have been restored
Total cost of the project
November 2019
The project was successfully completed
The project

Mosaic Middle East restored these family businesses in partnership with the local Chaldean Parish Church. The project involved selecting and preparing the land, setting up the structures and providing irrigation and materials. In the first year, cucumbers were cultivated, harvested and sold in local markets. The income is reinvested year on year.


  • Increasing in the production of locally-grown produce
  • Establishing job opportunities for young people in six families
  • Encouraging local people to reopen their businesses
  • Supporting original residents of the town to stay in their place of origin