Beekeeping, Maqloob Mountains | Nineveh SEED project
Mosaic Middle East provided these two families with the means to rejuvenate the honey production cottage industry in this mountainous region, to the north of the Nineveh plain. This area was where many Yazidis were trapped whilst fleeing from ISIS in 2014.
Beekeeping, Maqloob Mountains | Nineveh SEED project
2 Families
have their livelihoods restored
direct project cost
May 2020
when the project was successfully completed
*These figures exclude the costs of management, monitoring and evaluation carried out in Iraq by Mosaic Middle East. They also exclude the UK office costs.
the project

Mosaic Middle East restored these family businesses in the Maqloob mountains. Four families, two Christian, two Yazidi were actively searching for assistance to re-establish their local profession. After the defeat of ISIS in 2017, families like these ventured back seeking to rebuild their lives. The project was run in partnership with an Iraqi charity whose aim is to create opportunities like this.

  • To support families around Maqloob to re-establish the beekeeping profession.
  • To help these people earn an income again.
  • To encourage Internally Displaced People within Iraq to return.
take action
Restore hope for people like Raed the chicken farmer