Harsham Football Pitch Project | Nineveh SEED
Mosaic Middle East restored this football pitch for the Harsham Internally Displaced People’s Camp in northern Iraq and provided a livelihood for Dastan, the football coach. The team completed the restoration in 2019, in partnership with the Barzani Charity Foundation. The Football Project benefits over 250 children and young adults each month.
250 Young People
now use the pitch regularly
direct cost of restoring the pitch
August 2019
date of project completion
*These figures exclude the costs of management, monitoring and evaluation carried out in Iraq by Mosaic Middle East. They also exclude the UK office costs.
The Project
The project restored the well-loved football pitch for use by the hundreds of families at the Harsham Camp for Internally Displaced People (refugees within their own country). The lives of these people has been torn apart by ISIS. Sport helps bring people together, across religious and ethnic divides and this pitch had been a key part of this work, until it was forced to close due to the state it was in. The children, adolescents and youth can once again practice their talents together in peace.
According to Dastan, the project reduces the risk of youth radicalisation in these camps. Read Dastan’s story and find out more about his valuable work.
  • To help children and young people enjoy healthy sport and recreation
  • To increase security for the football project and reduce the risk of Islamist radicalisation
  • To enhance the self-esteem of children and young people, living in such dire circumstances
  • To engender team-work skills and good values.