The Ankawa Chicken Farms Nineveh SEED Project
Two chicken farms were fully renovated and returned to operation providing much-needed employment for Christian youths returning to the area and helping to reestablish the economy of the area.
10 local people
will gain employment at the farms
cost to restore these two chicken farms
September 2020
is when this project was successfully completed
The generosity of Mosaic Middle East donors has restored these farms which were devastated by ISIS
This project follows the successful 2019 Nineveh SEED project to fully restore another Chicken Farm in the Nineveh plain – known for its Chicken Farms before ISIS invaded.
The farms can now finance and sustain themselves into the future. They lacked the resources to restore themselves. Through Mosaic Middle East's restoring these farms, the farmers are able to produce and sell their products once again.
The project
Bringing hope to farmers, their families and local youth in search of employment

Renovating the chicken farms is designed to support local business and employment in Qaraqosh- Nineveh Plain. During the project implementation, two farms were renovated and equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that those farms are operating in a fully functional way. The project was done in two phases as described below:

First phase: the ground, walls, roofs and doors, windows, water and electrical systems were refitted.

Second phase: the farms were equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to start production.

  • Restore full production at two derelict farms
  • Create 10 new job opportunities for returnee youths
  • Increase access to healthy, local food in a local market
  • Ultimately, encourage refugees to return back to their place of origin
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