Chicken Farm Project
On the Nineveh plain, this Chicken Farm opened in December 2019, fully renovated and equipped. It provides work for fifteen young people and gives local families better access to healthy food. Our hope is to encourage some of the people driven out by ISIS to return to their communities.
Job opportunities created
Project Cost
December 2019
the project was successfully completed
The Project
'Chicken City'
This Nineveh SEED project is the largest Chicken farm in the region, with over 9,000 chickens. It was funded by a partnership between Mosaic Middle East and our American sister charity, FRRME America. This project has helped the local economy and transformed the circumstances of Raed, the Chicken Farmer and his family [link]. 
“As an old chicken farmer I fully intended to leave. I had no hope here, my whole work was over. But when Mosaic came they gave me hope.” Raed, Proprietor
  • To re-establish this derelict Chicken farm
  • To provide access to locally produced food instead of expensive imports
  • To give livelihood to the farmer, and those he employs
  • To encourage Internally Displaced People to return to the area
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