Salah's Chicken Farm, Qaraqosh
Qaraqosh in the Hamdinaya district of northern Iraq has seen three chicken farms open through Nineveh SEED in recent years. This is the fourth project to restore a chicken farm here - rebuilding after ISIS. This restored farm has provided 18 jobs to local people. It adds to the local economy providing employment and produce, ultimately helping people to return and build back their life here.
7 new jobs
created through restoring this farm
November 2021
project completed
direct project costs
*These figures exclude the costs of management, monitoring and evaluation carried out in Iraq by Mosaic Middle East. They also exclude the UK office costs.
  • Create 7 new jobs
  • Fully renovate this chicken farm, returning the farmers livelihood
  • Benefit the local economy through chicken production
  • Ultimately encouraging local people to return
take action
Restore hope for people like Salah the chicken farmer