Tel Kaif Sweet Shop Nineveh SEED Project
What could be sweeter? New jobs for seven local youth and treats again for the whole village which has been through so much. Tel Kaif was on the front line of the battle with ISIS for three years and this successful project enables Christian and other communities to rebuild.
7 New Jobs
created for local youth
direct cost to rebuild
July 2021
date project completed
*These figures exclude the costs of management, monitoring and evaluation carried out in Iraq by Mosaic Middle East. They also exclude the UK office costs.
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May we thank all of you who donate in the US to make livelihood projects like this one a reality. Together we are impacting so many people and changing the future for these communities.
Abdulrahman Isaac, our Iraq programme manager and Naeel, our Field Monitoring Officer - both based in northern Iraq - planned and implemented the project earlier this summer alongside implementation partners Friends of Youth Forum.
Abdulrahman explains: “Before the ISIS conflict, there were several sweet shops in the town, but after the liberation of the town there were no such shops anymore."
The project has set up a wonderful bakery with great ice cream, giving a social meeting place for families with children in not just Tel Kaif, but the surrounding area too. He continues: 
"Furthermore, and very importantly, it is providing jobs for at least 7 local young people; vulnerable Christian youths with no other source of employment. The Nineveh SEED programme is all about providing such livelihoods”.
Will you partner with us in restoring hope and a sustainable future?
Providing jobs is so important in enabling Christian and other communities to return to their homeland. Tel Kaif was on the front line of the battle with ISIS for three years and is just 11 miles from Mosul.
We carefully identify, scope and execute sustainable projects like this one that help people regain their livelihoods. Through Nineveh SEED we create jobs, provide community benefit and ultimately, encourage displaced people to return. Partner with us today and create a new tomorrow for these people:
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