Samoon Bakery Project | Nineveh SEED
Mosaic Middle East funded a small Samoon Bread Bakery which opened in October 2019. It provides fresh bread for individuals and families in a small town called Qaraqosh. The project has already provided five local Christian youths with jobs.
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With bread all sorrow are less

This region was devastated by ISIS who destroyed and looted all the local infrastructure, including many small businesses such as the bakery, barbershop and pickle factory.

The bakery was one of five Nineveh SEED projects completed in 2019, and is now a thriving small business. It provides Samoon Bread to a host of families in the surrounding area.

The town is still lacking both public and private services which has discouraged people from returning to the area. Projects like this begin to turn things around.


To provide locally produced food to families who have been denied so much by ISIS.

To help young people earn an income again.

To encourage Internally Displaced People (IDPs) within Iraq to return.

The project launched in October 2019 and is now a thriving small business employing five young people.
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