The olive tree has symbolic and historic resonance across various communities, including Christians
Olive Tree Centres
In Jordan, Mosaic Middle East has partnered with local churches and NGOs to develop Olive Tree Centres: empowering community hubs, enriching the lives of displaced people of all ages and faiths. Since the first Olive Tree centre was opened in Madaba in 2019, Mosaic Middle East has established the Olive Tree House in Ashrafieh in partnership with local NGO, DSPR, as well as Olive Tree centres housed by our local church partners. Each of these centres provide a programme of activities devised by the refugee communities, including trauma therapy, education, and vocational courses.
Olive Tree Centres give Iraqi Christian refugees a place to belong and to celebrate their culture together.
Self Esteem
Education and skills programmes enable personal restoration. Displaced people often feel stripped of dignity and purpose. Learning new skills can greatly enhance self-esteem.
Trauma Therapy
Traumatised refugees, including children, can also access therapeutic programmes. In Iraq people with mental health problems are often stigmatised. Many have witnessed atrocities or lost loved ones. Art, music and dance can be wonderful tools for healing.
Restored to Love
In these ways the centres help people to move beyond painful memories and empower them into a fruitful future. In a place of safety and healing the refugees grow in confidence and reach out in love to the diverse communities around them.
The opening of our first Olive Tree Centre in Madaba, Jordan in October 2019
Snapshots from Refugee Life
Azad and Team Cultivate the Olive Tree Centre Garden
Azad, a Christian Iraqi refugee has found fresh hope and focus cultivating food for his community at the Olive Tree Centre. Azad and a team of refugee volunteers have worked together during COVID-19 to transform this space.
Young Iraqi Women Pioneer 'The Hope' Online Group
Young Iraqi women from our Olive Tree Centre in Jordan have come up with a wonderful idea for tackling the isolation and mental health issues arising from the Coronavirus lockdown. They set up an online group called 'The Hope', accessible from mobile phones.
Our 'Sewing sister' Leka
Leka, a refugee from Northern Iraq who is now in Jordan, has masterminded this project, sewing masks out of recycled material by refugees for refugees (as well as for poor Jordanians). It is a powerful example of the compassion and creativity of the refugee community.
Refugees can learn English, cooking skills or even how to play a musical instrument. Many displaced people can feel stripped of dignity and purpose. Learning new skills like these can have a hugely beneficial impact on their self-esteem.
Traumatised refugees can access art, music and dance therapy. In Iraq people with mental health problems are often stigmatised. Many have witnessed atrocities or lost loved ones. Art, music and dance can be wonderful tools for healing.
Families receive essential food, medicines and clothing. Iraqi refugees in Jordan are not allowed to work for a living. They are totally dependent on the generosity of others.
The Madaba Centre
The first Centre opened in Jordan in 2019
The first centre was an initiative of Mosaic Middle East and our partners American FRRME. Helena Scott, our joint Jordan Country Director took the lead in establishing the centre with an enthusiastic team of volunteers. Within three months it already had English classes, cooking classes, music and art therapy, sports activities and trauma workshops. A community is being rebuilt and restored to life. We can see joy returning to the hearts of Iraqi refugees in Madaba, Jordan.
Mosaic Middle East had listened to the refugees experiences and our Jordanian church partners. These Iraqi Christians fled to Jordan, having lost everything; family, friends, homes and livelihoods. They needed hope. They were asking for a simple place to call their own; a place where they could be community alongside their Jordanian church sisters and brothers.
Traumatised people who had fled from the murderous army of ISIS in Iraq now have a home, a centre of the community to come together. They receive therapeutic benefits from a range of programmes. They can see their children blessed through art, play and music programmes and the youth are blessed through a range of activities.
Helping rebuild and restore lives
Over 80 people
completed English language classes
40 Children
took part in a range of trauma therapies
30 people
taking part in ongoing creative initiatives
All in the first three months!
Take action
You can help restore lives
How to Pray for the Olive Tree Centres
  • Pray today for all those who benefit from our Olive Tree programme in Jordan.
  • Pray for our partners and volunteers who run the centres.
  • Pray for the advocacy work the centre facilitates; for favour with the authorities and for those Iraqi refugees seeking asylum in other nations.
  • For the future of the these Centres; for the opportunities and resources to continue to develop this programme of refugee support, one of our ambitious goals as a charity