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March 27, 2023
Olive Tree Centres
The Olive Tree Branches Extend
Based on the positive impact of our original Olive Tree projects, Mosaic has extended its Olive Tree programme in order to reach additional refugees in Jordan with two new partnerships...
October 08, 2022
The Olive Tree Blossoms
Olive Tree Centres
July 01, 2022
Special Field Report Spring 2022
Olive Tree CentresNineveh SEEDAdvocacy
November 27, 2021
Part of us died that day
Olive Tree Centres
November 21, 2021
Surely we have the right to live in peace
Olive Tree Centres
Riveen with Guitar
July 23, 2021
Come and Celebrate with us
Olive Tree Centres
Um Rama 5
July 15, 2021
Our Vital Work in Jordan
Olive Tree CentresEmergency ReliefPrayer
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