June 04, 2021

We won’t forget Yazidi refugees

Emergency Relief
How can the poorest fight COVID-19? 
Among the poorest in the world, these displaced Yazidi people need our help.
We've just received photographs from northern Iraq. They show our latest delivery of hygiene packs to help protect these refugees from the pandemic.
We are so thankful for all the donations that have made this possible. But we also long to help more refugees. Can you help us?

When Corona came, we had to protect ourselves, we wore mask, because this disease doesn’t know children or their parents, it is dangerous for all of us.

— Ronahi, 8, at the Shekan Camp
She goes on:

I thank Mosaic for this distribution... the stuffs that they are distributing are very good. And they are targeting poor and needy people.

— Ronahi, 8
We celebrate how many have now been vaccinated. Sadly these refugees are among the last on the world's 'list'. They may never receive a vaccine.

As the government-mandated restrictions lift in the United Kingdom, let's not forget the plight of refugees like these displaced Yazidis in northern Iraq.
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We long to help more refugees. Can you help us?
The Shekan Camp

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Posted by Mosaic Team