June 11, 2021

“We Try to Protect Lives from Corona…”

Emergency Relief
Hear from Yazidi refugees who have just received Hygiene packs. Click the link above to see Khalil, Ronahi and other refugees at the Shekan IDP Camp, and some of the difference our gifts have already made to these people.

"The first year was really very hard."

That's what Khalil Yousif Ismail told our team when they delivered new hygiene packs to the Yazidi IDP Camp at Shekan, northern Iraq. He continued:

"We try to protect lives from Corona, thus we avoid gatherings, we couldn’t buy or sell something even during the corona time... We really thank Mosaic’s support for people with special needs, widows, and people with disabilities."

Another refugee, Ronahi, is a young school girl from Sinjar province. She told us how limited the refugees' lives have been, and how much in danger they have felt from the virus. Click the link above to see her and others at the camps, and some of the difference our gifts have already made to these people.
After an outbreak at the camp, protections and distancing were introduced, banning gatherings and other activities to help stop the spread. 
No vaccines have reached this area. Sadly, these people are not likely to receive a vaccination for some time. This delivery of hygiene packs is a help, but we long to do more.
We need your help!
Will you partner with us in helping provide more vital supplies like these hygiene packs? £100 today, or whatever you can afford, will make a huge difference to these displaced people.
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Posted by Mosaic Team