January 15, 2021

Vital Supplies for Qaraqosh Hospital

Nineveh SEEDEmergency Relief
Thanks to your response to our appeal in November we delivered PPE and Oxygen valves just two weeks later.
This weekly update comes from Abdulrahman, our Iraq Programme Manager, via video. We had a great response to our emergency appeal for PPE for the hospital in Qaraqosh, northern Iraq. Thank you!
Qaraqosh is one of the Christian towns in northern Iraq ransacked by ISIS. Many of the people of Qaraqosh left the country altogether. Others have returned and are trying to rebuild their lives. We have been working in the town to empower these dear people through our Nineveh SEED small business Programme - including this Bakery Project, and this Chicken Farm Project nearby. Click to find out more about the Nineveh SEED Programme
What happened to the people of Qaraqosh is truly shocking. For more, see the Qaraqosh church tower toppled during the ISIS occupation or read the stories of those who were forced to flee Qaraqosh and are now refugees in Jordan: Enaam who is now volunteering at our Olive Tree Centre in JordanLeka who has been generously sewing masks for refugees during the pandemic; or The Ramoun Family, who have been through so much.
Posted by Mosaic Team