March 21, 2020

Our Love Ambassador to Jordan

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Helena Scott at Petra in Jordan before the Coronavirus Pandemic
Mosaic Middle East CEO Mike Simpson writes:
Helena Scott is our amazing Jordan Country Director. She is jointly funded by us and our sister charity in the USA, Mosaic Middle East America. Helena is the key person delivering our vital support to thousands of refugees at this time of the Coronavirus. I call her our 'Love Ambassador', spreading the love of all our supporters from across the world to the refugees in Jordan. She has no time to produce a report at present. So, with her permission, I am sharing some of the messages she has sent over the last 2 weeks...... 
5th March
'Hi Mike! Messaging to confirm that we've sent the announcement to the Olive Tree Centre community re precautions to take at this time and fully stocked with hand sanitizer and hand wipes as well as making sure it continues to be disinfected/cleaned properly.'
10th March
'I'm ok! It's a little nerve racking for the refugees because the government is in panic mode.'
11th March
'Sorry I'm just feeling nauseous and exhausted. Don't worry it's not Coronavirus!'
16th March
'Hi Mike. I'm meeting with all the partners today and then am going to send you an update on the full situation.'
Later that day
'Olive Tree Centre temporarily closed as per government mandate'
'Yes I talked to my family. Ha my sister is funny she was trying to urge me to go to New York where she is. I said I'm way more safe here!'
After deciding not to try to fly out of Jordan....
'Wow I'm so glad we talked it through because all flights in and out of Jordan are cancelled from tomorrow! About to drive soon. If I don't respond that's why.'
17th March
'Hi Mike. Things have really escalated here. Will update you when I'm back home tonight trying to get as much done as possible.'
'Military will be in the streets starting tomorrow.'
After I messaged her late at night to check she was OK...
'Thanks Mike!! Ahh I'm ok it's just been a stressful day!! So much unknown apparently everything will be locked down tomorrow starting at 8am with the military in the streets enforcing it!'
'Talked over strategy on how to get relief support to the refugees once it comes in. There are government exceptions so Father Benjamin is going to help us.'
'It's a little alarming. I will see tomorrow how it plays out because today everyone was in a panic.'
'And there was a storm all day so really desolate!! The US embassy is completely shut down for two weeks.'
'I am still struck by how this has escalated so much and the scale of it!'
Late at night on 17th March
'Thanks for messaging!!! Feeling less stressed. Thank you! Sleep well!!'
18th March
'Hi Mike! I was able to get an exception to distribute food coupons. I'm still out doing it. The rest of the city is locked down except for special exceptions which humanitarian relief is qualifying under! We'll see how it continues to go.'
'Whole city is pretty quiet everyone inside except few cars and checkpoints up.'
19th March
'Don't worry I feel I'm in the right place I really do. The refugees are so grateful for Mosaic Middle East.'
I told her... 'You are our Love Ambassador'
She replied with laughter. Typically modest.
Please pray for Helena
Helena with Father Benjamen of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Amman, Jordan
Thank You
A word about you and your circumstances.....
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