Sponsor our Tree of Hope

Help bring restoration and transformation to the lives of thousands of Iraqi refugees.

A Tree of Hope

We are inviting you to participate in a life-changing project to open a new Olive Tree Centre in Al-Hashmi Al-Shamali, Jordan.

When you make a donation to sponsor a leaf, olive or dove, you will help make this dream a reality, bringing hope to thousands of refugees in Jordan.

Located in the heart of one of the poorest communities in Amman, this centre will be a practical expression of Christian love and an empowering place of restoration for traumatised refugees.

Benefit more refugee families

More than 300 Iraqi refugees have already benefitted from our Olive Tree Centre in Madaba. Many more refugees in Jordan need our help. They tell us they need hope. They need a simple place to call their own, where they can be a community.

When you support our Tree of Hope campaign, you will be blessing refugee families with a place where they can hope again, start to heal and rebuild their lives. At the Olive Tree Centre, they will see their children blessed through art, play and music programmes and refugees will be blessed with trauma healing and educational classes.

Please help us open a new Olive Tree Centre by sponsoring our Tree of Hope.

A New Mosaic Expressing Restoration and Unity

The Tree of Hope is a unique mosaic designed and created by an Iraqi refugee, Riveen, with the help of other refugees, local artists and mosaic makers. This new artwork, created with help from the refugees themselves,

The Tree of Hope is made up of 154 mosaic elements, all hand-crafted and assembled to form this unique and colourful piece of wall art (over 3 metres tall). Each piece represents broken lives and fragmented communities. When lovingly put together with infinite care a profound transformation occurs. From brokenness emerges an image of beauty and wholeness.

The Tree of Hope mosaic is a true expression of the restorative and transformative work of the Olive Tree Centre. It also speaks of unity - Iraqis and Jordanians, Christians and Muslims are working side-by-side to create a beautiful work of art which will adorn the walls of the new Olive Tree Centre in Amman.

By sponsoring our Tree of Hope you will be helping us open a new Olive Tree Centre bringing hope, help and healing to hundreds more refugees.

Hear their story
Growing up as a refugee...
"The Olive Tree Centre makes us realise we can help each other and be a community." Stavro has spent half his life as a refugee having fled Qaraqosh in northern Iraq with his parents at the age of 6. His mother, Ashwaq recalls the afternoon they fled...
Restoring Hope and Transforming Lives

The first Olive Tree Centre opened in Madaba, Jordan in October 2019, and here we are already seeing hope restored and lives rebuilt.

The centre supports hundreds of refugees through a range of therapeutic, educational and outreach activities such as English classes, cooking classes, music and art lessons, sports activities and trauma workshops.

It also encourages refugees to develop new skills and empowers them through enterprise and outreach projects such as growing fresh produce, baking and sewing. These projects are enriching their lives and those of the communities around them.

Click HERE to learn more about how our first Olive Tree Centre in Madaba truly is bringing hope to refugees in Jordan.

Green Leaf
Green Leaf
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf
Dove (now sold out)
Dove (now sold out)
Sponsor our Tree of Hope

When you support our Tree of Hope, you get the opportunity to express your compassion and support to thousands of refugees in Jordan.

Once sponsored, all 154 mosaic elements will be placed together to create this beautiful life-sized Olive Tree in the new centre – a symbol of strength, resilience and hope. Every person that supports our Tree of Hope will have their names or the names of their loved ones recorded alongside the tree.

To say thank you, we will also send you a commemorative certificate and a print of the Tree of Hope mosaic, once it's completed.

Click HERE if you prefer to donate manually with our PDF form

When you shake the olives off your trees, don’t go back over the branches and strip them bare—what’s left is for the foreigner, the orphan, and the widow. Deuteronomy 24:20

Amazingly, we have now sold out of 'Doves' and 'Olives'. But TWO wonderful options remain for donating Gold or Green Leaves for this beautiful Mosaic. Every item donated enables us to fund the amazing activities and running costs for the new Centre. Thank you!
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