Emergency Relief
Mosaic Middle East respond rapidly to severe emergency relief needs that emerge amongst refugee groups. This is made possible by having our own dedicated staff in the field in Iraq and Jordan. In December 2020, for example, we distributed hundreds of winter coats to refugee Yazidi teenage girls in their refugee camp (see video).
children and adults given relief at Bardarash Refugee Camp, northern Iraq
Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan receive vital monthly food relief
Yazidi IDPs (Internally Displaced People) given hygiene packs to prevent Coronavirus

Thank you so much for your kind help. It’s appreciated by all of us in the camp. I want to say, we as Yazidis, are forgotten by all sides. The only supporter we have is the Kurdistan Regional Government… During this pandemic, only NGO’s like Mosaic Middle East supported us.

— Khidher Mustafa, 67 years old, has 6 children
Responding to Need
Iraq emergency relief
The need for emergency humanitarian relief has not diminished in Iraq. There were an estimated 1.6 million IDPs in Iraq in 2019 (data from the Institute of Migration). Having endured 6 years of suffering, the IDPs now have to deal with the Coronavirus and feel forgotten by all sides.
Ibrahim, a father with 2 children told us:
“Your support just came at the right moment. Barely can you find an organisation to come and help us. I really appreciate Mosaic Middle East’s support for the vulnerable families in our camp”
Our vision includes providing relief to the poor, the sick and older people, relieving material needs. This prompted our response to the arrival of 13,000 weary and fearful refugees fleeing renewed conflict in Syria. About half of the refugees arriving at the Bardarash refugee camp were children and of different ethnic and religious groups, including Kurdish and Christian. The vision of radiating Christ’s love to all across sectarian divides is at the heart of Mosaic Middle East’s identity.
We continue to provide thousands of people in refugee camps with hygiene packs during the Coronavirus crisis.

Your support just came at the right moment. Barely you can find an organisation to come and help us… I really appreciate Mosaic Middle East’s support for the vulnerable families in our camp…. Sometimes, as a breadwinner, you find yourself in a position which you feel shame and guilt toward your family, as you cannot move and your children asking for their basic needs.

— Ibrahim Salim, 45 years old, has 2 children
how to pray
5 ways to pray today
  • Pray for the Mosaic Middle East team to discern the best response to each new crisis in the region.
  • Pray that we will maintain excellent relations with our partners on the ground; including local NGOs and community leaders.
  • Pray for security in the region to improve so that people feel safe enough to stay in their homes and do not become refugees.
  • Pray for the protection of our staff in Iraq and Jordan who face many challenges in providing support to thousands of needy and often traumatised people.
  • Pray for substantial funding from individuals, churches, Trusts and Government agencies to enable Mosaic Middle East to get emergency relief to people rapidly.

We will never forget this help as it comes during such a difficult time. This help is coming from people to people and this is what encourages me that still there are generous and good people around the world. The support which comes from those people give me a sense of sisterhood and brotherhood. So, you cannot find any nicer feeling than that.

— Vian Khalaf, 39 years old, mother and head of household, has 5 Children.
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