March 24, 2022

Video: See inside the Olive Oil Factory

Nineveh SEED
This Nineveh SEED Project has brought olive presses back to Bashiqa, Northern Iraq.
In late 2021 we brought you news of the Olive Oil factory in the village of Bashiqa, northern Iraq, and how it was fully restored through our Nineveh SEED Programme. You can now see it for yourself in this, our latest short video. We invite you to watch this short film featuring the owner and workers at the newly restored factory, or scroll down to discover more about the project.
Once again this region can process olives into olive oil. Destroyed by the actions of ISIS during their occupation of the region, this Nineveh SEED project fully restored and upgraded the factory. It can once again process olives from across this region. This directly impacts the olive farmers, and other trades relying on the oil, such as olive oil soap.
Bashiqa is a village in the Nineveh plain, in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. Bashiqa residents are mostly Yazidis, Assyrians, and Shabaks with a minority of Kurds and Arabs. The town is surrounded by farms of olives and there is a small mountain to the north. As the whole area is well known for its olives, losing the factories and the farms has had a devastating effect. Therefore, this project uniquely helps a great range of beneficiaries:
  • Factory owners
  • Employees
  • Local shop owners
  • Olive oil soap factories
  • Olive farm owners
Reopening the factory has created 8 new job opportunities for the local youth and ultimately encourages the return of displaced Iraqis.
Find out more on this and other Nineveh SEED projects on our website, where you will see more pictures and background to each project: Olive Oil Factory Project Page
You can be part of our joyful vision
Our ambition is to complete a further 8 to 12 Nineveh SEED projects in 2022, restoring jobs and bringing renewed hope for the future.
Nineveh SEED projects are long-term, sustainable enterprise projects that provide a hand up to a better future rather than merely a hand out. We ask you to please join us in supporting our joyful vision through prayer and donations if you are able. We also welcome funding from businesses, Trusts and Foundations, so if you know of any that may be able too support this work, please get in touch with us.
Thank you.
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