January 22, 2021

Soap brings hope in Iraq!

Nineveh SEED
We are thanking God once again for the completion of the latest Nineveh SEED project in northern Iraq.
Through generous donations to Mosaic Middle East, this factory has now been equipped with the necessary tools and equipment (such as soap cutters, plastic barrels, production line equipment, large carton printing device). Restoring the factory to this level has allowed increased production, providing job opportunities in this part of the Nineveh Plain.
Mosaic Middle East are delighted to work with local partners to revive this industry and restore a positive future for the whole community. The residents of the area are a mixture of Yazidis, Assyrian Christians, Shabaks and Arab Muslims. Click the link below to view the short (4 minute) film...
What is Nineveh SEED?
This is our employment programme on the Nineveh Plain. SEED stands for ‘Sustainable Enterprise Economic Development’. This area, known as the bread-basket of Iraq, was devastated by ISIS in 2014. After their defeat, some people have tried to return but struggled to restore the livelihoods they once had. One man said to us, “How can we return when there are no jobs?”. Together with Iraqi NGO partners, we are developing a range of projects to help restore the local economies of the region. 
Olive Groves devastated by ISIS
The Bashiqa area was famous for its olive oil products, Raki (a sweet, aniseed drink), and olive oil soap. Many ancient olive groves in the Nineveh Plain were deliberately destroyed by ISIS as a way of systematically eradicating hope. They burnt hundreds of trees and poured motor oil on the roots of others to destroy them. We seek to bring hope, help and healing to this area once again.
Posted by Mosaic Team