February 25, 2022

Good news from St George’s, Baghdad

St George's

We are honoured to help our nation through the partnership with Mosaic Middle East

— Rev'd Canon Faez Jirjees OBE
Rev'd Canon Faez Jirjees leading a service at St George's Church, Baghdad
An Oasis of God's Grace
This week we thought we would give our supporters an update on the work of St George's Church in Baghdad. The church is an 'oasis of God's grace' in Iraq. Its doors are open in many different ways for everyone. The kindergarten, primary school and clinic are available for all regardless of religion. All operate to high standards. The resource centre is available for those involved or interested in Christianity, irrespective of denomination or tradition. Church services welcome anyone to attend. All the work at St George's comes under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.
Rev'd Canon Faez works hard as a peace-builder engaging with the most senior religious and political leaders in Iraq. These include the leading Shia Cleric Ayatollah Hussein al Sadr and the Prime Minister of Iraq Mustafa al Qadhimi who Faez spoke with in December 2021.
Faez met the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al Qadhimi, in Baghdad in December 2021
Service at St George's Christmas 2021
How Mosaic supports St George's
Mosaic Middle East provide funding for three aspects of the work at St George's. We contribute to the costs of the ministry of Rev'd Canon Faez, which enables him to pursue his peace-building work. We also provide monthly relief payments for families who are particularity disadvantaged, including those who have serious disabilities. Our major funding pays for the operation of the medical clinic at St George's. Without the support of our donors none of this would be possible. The clinic is dependent on our funding to serve the poor and needy of Baghdad. To find out more about the work of St George's click on the link below. To donate to the work click on the red donate button below.
More on St George's church
We've brought everything about the church and our work to support them in one place on our website.
St Georges's
How to pray for St George's?
"Please pray that God protects us" - Rev'd Canon Faez Jirjees
  • Pray for the St George’s Clinic. For the team of doctors and nurses who work there; for patience, clear-thinking and good teamwork, despite the current pressures of coronavirus.
  • Pray for the people who the Church and Clinic serve. These include some of the most vulnerable, the sick and the local refugee population. Pray for the practical, emotional and spiritual help they need.
  • Pray for protection for the church attendees, the staff of the Clinic and Church and the wider community as they live and work in what remains a volatile city.
  • Pray for Rev'd Canon Faez Jirjees at St George’s. Thank God for his ministry and leadership. Pray for strength, wisdom and peace for him and his family.

There are many goals for the clinic - not just to treat the people but to offer a message of love for all Iraqis

— Rev'd Canon Faez Jirjees OBE
Despite the major challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic the clinic has delivered a wide range of health care in 2021 as can be seen in the graphs shown above. If you are able to contribute to the costs of this inspiring work we would be most grateful. 
Your donations are a very tangible expression of Christian love to the people ministered to through St George's. God bless you.
Posted by Mosaic Team