October 22, 2020

A Transformed Factory; Transforming Livelihoods

Nineveh SEED
We are delighted to announce the completion of our latest Nineveh SEED. See for yourself how this Bulgur Wheat Factory has been transformed through the generosity of supporters like you. Click on the link below for an inspiring short film.
This is the 10th Nineveh SEED Project since the programme began in 2019. These projects create jobs, provide community benefit and ultimately, encourage displaced people to return to the Nineveh Plain area of northern Iraq. This year we’ve brought you news of the two restored chicken farms in Ankawa, and the beekeeping project in the Sinjar Mountains.
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Read the background to the Bulgar Wheat factory project and watch the full film here.
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Not heard of the Nineveh SEED Programme?

SEED stands for ‘Sustainable Enterprise Economic Development’. The Nineveh Plain, known as the bread-basket of Iraq was devastated by ISIS in 2014. After their defeat, some people have tried to return but struggled to support their families because of the dire circumstances. One man said to us, “How can we return when there are no jobs?”. Together with Iraqi NGO partners, we are developing a range of projects to help restore the local economies of the region. Our Iraq Programme Manager on the ground oversees all of the projects and works closely with the partners and beneficiaries.

This is a unique partnership model which is allowing us to continue the work during this pandemic. The needs in this area don’t go away, in fact they are even greater in the time of COVID-19. Having an office in Erbil, northern Iraq and partnerships with local NGO’s provides a powerful base from which to continue the work.

We’re slowly seeing change for the better. Derelict farms produce again. Villagers who rely on expensive imported food regain access to local produce. Families are reopening businesses after the trauma of ISIS. Young people find work where there has been so little opportunity. Nineveh SEED provides them with a positive alternative to joining local militia groups in order to provide for their families. 

Nineveh SEED
Can you support projects like these?
£5/month could provide 100 chicks for a chicken farmer in a year
Provide for a family-run business
£100 will provide a year’s seed for one of our commercial greenhouse projects
£10/month over a year will provide the seeds for one of our commercial greenhouse projects.
Your prayers make all the difference!
  • Pray for us to identify the families who will benefit most from the projects. Pray that we will maintain excellent relations with our partners on the ground; including Iraqi NGOs and community leaders.
  • Pray for security in the region to improve so that more people feel safe to return home. Pray for the protection of our Iraq Programme Manager, Abdulrahman as he works in the region to monitor and report on all the Nineveh SEED projects.
  • Pray for substantial funding from individuals, churches, Trusts and Government agencies to enable the rapid expansion of the Nineveh SEED programme.
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