February 04, 2022

A new voice for Mosaic

Rowan Williams joins Mosaic Middle East as our latest patron
Rowan Williams
The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is the latest Patron of Mosaic

It is a real pleasure and honour to be involved with Mosaic Middle East, and I am happy to greet its members and applaud their work.

— Rt Rev'd Rowan Williams
On behalf of the Mosaic Middle East Board, I thank Bishop Williams for adding his voice and support to our cause - of bringing hope, help, and healing in the Middle East. In joining existing Patrons Lord Hylton and Archbishop Angaelos of the Coptic Church, Dr. Williams appointment brings further encouragement and influence, to those we serve and to our teams. A hearty 'welcome and thank you' from each of us to you, Dr Williams
Rob Shotliff, Chairman
I have always treasured the witness and wisdom of the churches of the Middle East, and am very conscious of the seriousness of the varied challenges they currently face. It is crucial for us Western Christians to remember that our faith is a gift to us from the world of the Eastern Mediterranean - not some subdivision of European culture. The prayer and concern that Mosaic calls for is one small part of acknowledging our debt and showing our gratitude.
Rt Rev'd. Rowan Williams
Mosaic Middle East Trustee Gillian Dare writes:
We are pleased and honoured that Dr Williams has agreed to be our Patron. During his time as Archbishop of Canterbury, he did much to highlight the challenges facing Christians in the Near and Middle East and was active in pursuing relationships with the leaders of their churches. He promoted international initiatives to support and protect them and to remind the world that this region is the cradle of Christianity.
Speaking to some of the Eastern Church leaders, all have spoken warmly about his encouragement and care for them when Archbishop. He has expressed his continuing concerns about 'the fragile situation of Christian minority populations across the Middle East where in places life for Christians was becoming unsustainable'. The situation had been, and remains, most serious in Iraq. He has spoken also of "the haemorrhaging of Christians" from parts of the Holy Land, but still remains cautiously optimistic.
He is a noted scholar of Eastern Christianity and indeed, in his new book 'Looking East in Winter', reminds us all of how much we can learn from their deep spirituality and the courage, hope and resilience of persecuted Christians in this region. He shows us how the deep rooted and ancient themes of Eastern Christian thought can shed new perspectives on our Christian faith.  His experience as the former Chair of Christian Aid has equipped him to provide us at Mosaic Middle East with wise guidance as we seek to help our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Posted by Mosaic Team