Over 400 Christian Families in Gaza Urgently Need Your Help
"The need for humanitarian assistance is nearly overwhelming, especially among the Christian community in Gaza." Scott Rye, Mosaic Middle East Chairman
Over 400 Christian Families in Gaza Urgently Need Your Help
Over 400 Christian families are sheltering in or seeking emergency food aid from both the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Porphyrius and the Catholic Church at Holy Family Parish in Gaza City.
St. Porphyrius is the largest of the two churches and one of the oldest churches in the world. Situated in north Gaza, it was bombed back in October killing 18 people and injuring many more. Despite the direct hit, it has remained open to all who seek asylum and safety - a role it has played throughout its history for nearly two thousand years. The church is providing water, breakfast and lunch daily for families and facilities for washing. They are also distributing petrol in order to keep generators running.
Funds are urgently needed so that both St. Porphyrius and Holy Family Parish can continue to provide water, food and shelter to those displaced by the current conflict.
Please Donate Today
Please Donate Today
Your donation will go towards providing Christians with the vital humanitarian aid that they need right now. Thank you.
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Make a donation from the US
Make a donation from the US
US supporters can make a tax-deductible donation to this appeal by going via our CAF America page. Simply state 'Gaza Appeal' as the grant purpose and your donation will go directly towards providing emergency relief to those suffering as a result of the current conflict.
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"The tiny Christian community in Gaza has been an integral part of the region’s cultural fabric for centuries. It is imperative that we come together as a global community to support and protect these vulnerable individuals fleeing violence and seeking refuge.” George Gigicos, OPAC Co-founder and Chairman
Mosaic Middle East and the Orthodox Public Affairs Committee are working together with the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem to deliver immediate aid to those seeking assistance and shelter from hostilities.
Orthodox Public Affairs Committee
Nowhere feels safe anymore
The church of St. Porphyrius was hit at night
The neighbouring buildings were turned to ruins
Church buildings collapsed
With your donation St. Porphyrius and Holy Family Parish may continue to offer physical and spiritual support
Boxes of vital aid are starting to arrive
Emergency aid is being distributed to families
Mattresses are provided to hundreds of displaced families seeking shelter
Please support the Christians in Gaza
Please support the Christians in Gaza
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