Welcome back to hearing more from St. George's Church in Baghdad, Iraq
“Offering humanitarian aid shows people God's love...”
Rev'd Canon Faiz Jirjees MBE
“Offering humanitarian aid shows people God's love...”
Dear Friends in Canada & the US,
"Thank you for your interest in this life-changing work. We are the largest and longest standing partner of St George’s in Baghdad, where the poorest receive medical treatment and families that struggle to put food on the table are sustained. We partner multiple organisations in the ancient Nineveh Plain that help oppressed minorities rebuild their lives. Farms have been restored, shops re-opened, factories rebuilt, and the absence of education at least in part remedied. In response to our faith, we rekindle hope in those systematically targeted to have their hope destroyed.
"We have a raft of encouraging and current stories to share that show the difference even a small sacrifice makes. At the same time, there is no pretence that this is easy work. St George’s is having to reduce what it offers. Other charities have already pulled out. We aim to persist in supporting oppressed minorities in Iraq. We also plan to support those suffering the horrors of war in Yemen and to add to the four Olive Tree Centres we support in Jordan.  To understand the specifics of our work do research this website. We can rekindle more hope but need your help to make it happen." Scott Rye, Chairman of Mosaic Middle East, the working name of Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East.
Christians are struggling right now
Christians and other minority groups are disadvantaged and discriminated against in Iraq. They struggle to provide for their families and are unable to earn a stable income. Recent food and medical price rises have compounded the situation and now many families rely on St. George's Church to meet their basic needs.
St. George's Church in Baghdad provides food parcels and free medical care to the most vulnerable at their time of need. Please support St. George's today.
"The Church has helped my disabled son, Joseph, and also paid for his schooling and transport." said Jan Youssef, whose family rely on St. George's for help with food and medical support.
Together we can help the most vulnerable by offering:
Food bags to feed the poorest families
Free Medical Care
Free medical treatment for the most vulnerable and poorest in Baghdad. St. George's Medical Clinic treats over 18.5K medical cases a year.
Church Outreach
Rev'd Faiz and his team of volunteers reach out to others in the congregation and in the local community. Through activities and schooling for the children, a library and a Women's group. Rev'd Faiz also advocates for the rights and freedoms of Christians and of other minority faiths to practice their beliefs and to live peacefully in Iraq.
Your donations can offer hope, help and healing
$8,270 could provide food relief for families, like Jan and her disabled son Joseph, for a month
$2,000 could provide urgent medical treatment for over 1,550 patients per month, who can’t afford to pay
$900 could support the vital outreach work of St. George's for a month
Please Donate Today - Thank You
You can donate directly to our humanitarian aid appeal for St. George's in Baghdad. Please transfer funds directly, our banking details are:
Account name: Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East
Bank Account: 53713355 Sort code: 20-67-49
IBAN: GB04 BUKB 2067 4953 7133 55
Registered Charity Address: Mosaic Middle East is the working name for - Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, PO Box 229, Petersfield, Hampshire, England, GU32 9DL